Research Lab

LAB. Information, COMM
Location of LAB. Laboratory name Extension Professor
Room 402,Innovation Building Emerging Network Technology Lab.
23250 Professor
Ting-Chao Ho
Room 508,Innovation Building Broadband Internet Lab.
23530 Professor(Retire)
Kim-Joan Chen
Room 404,Innovation Building Network System Lab.
23253 Professor
Cheng-Shong Wu
Room 513,Innovation Building High Performance Networks Lab.
23532 Professor
Steven S.W.Lee
Room 408,Innovation Building Information Networking Security and Assurance LAB (INSA).
23535 Professor
Bo-Chao Cheng
Room 406,Innovation Building Laboratory for advanced network technology.
23539 Associate Professor
Jen-Yi Pang
Room 515,Innovation Building Networked Embedded Autonomous sysTem (NEAT) LAB.
23534 Professor
Huang-Chen Lee
Room 410,Innovation Building Communication and Computing Smart Future LAB(CSFuture Lab)
33503 Assistant Professor
Yuan-Yao Shih
Room 543,EE Wireless Communication Lab.
23243 Professor
Sheng-Fuh Chang
Room 523,Innovation Building Microwave Multi-Layer Circuit Laboratory.
23538 Professor
Ching-Wen Tang
Room 543,EE Wireless Communication Lab.
23243 Professor
Chia-Chan Chang
Room 541,EE Microwave Integrated Circuit Laboratory.
23533 Associate Professor
Janne-Wha Wu
Room 447,Innovation Building Digital Communications Lab.
23240 Professor
Mao-Ching Chiu
Room 443,Innovation Building Smart Antenna Laboratory.
23536 Professor
Tsung-Hsien Liu
Room 451,Innovation Building Information and Communication Technologies Lab.
23246 Professor
Chia-Chang Hu
Room 516,Innovation Building Communication and Information Processing Lab.
23257 Professor
Yi-Sheng Su
Room 438,Innovation Building Joint Source Channel Coding Lab.
23513 Associate Professor
Chang-Ming Lee
Room 441,Innovation Building Wireless Systems Lab.
23537 Assistant Professor
Wei-Cheng Liu