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🔥【Urgent Announcement from CCU Epidemic Prevention Team_2021/05/15】🔥


  1. (*)According to the announcement by premier Su of the Executive Yuan on May 15, CDC raised the COVID-19 alert level for Taipei and New Taipei cities to Level 3. To ensure the safety of faculty, staff, and student, beginning from May 17 (Mon) to June 8 (Tue) , all classes at CCU which have more than 5 students will be switched to remote teaching until further announcement or change to be made.
  2. From May 17, each department and administrative office of our university may only keep necessary staff according to the minimum operation requirement, allowing staff to work from home, work remote, or work in batches.  Each such office should provide a list of names to the personnel office.
  3. All cities outside of Taipei and New Taipei cities maintain at Level 2 warning.

Students who have come home to Taipei and New Taipei cities are advised not to return to university for the time being. CCU strongly advised students not to go to Taipei and New Taipei cities in the next few weeks. Other details of epidemic prevention will be announced later when necessary. Stay tuned.

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